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Hours by Appointment

Products used in each facial are customized each visit according to what your skin needs.  Most products used are available to purchase either at your appointment or by order.  A good home care regimen is recommended to maintain your facials between appointments.  I will make home care product recommendations during your first facial.  Please bring any home care products you are currently using at home to your appointment.

Peptide Facial  $75

Peptide Facial customized options:  Anti-Aging, Brightening, Hydrating
This corrective facial targets your skins needs with a combination of exfoliation and Peptides.   Multiple visits are suggested for long term results.  50 minutes  *duration may vary

Nano Infusion Facials $125

Advanced Facial
A Corrective facial that targets signs of aging with progressive  exfoliation products, Peptides or CBD serum and Nano Infusion Technology.  Multiple visits are suggested for long term results


Red Carpet Facial  $150

Combines the Peptide Facial with the Cryo Facial for undeniable anti-aging results.    60 minutes  *duration may vary

Advanced Exfoliation Series  $432

This series of 6 Chemical Exfoliation Facials is customized to target your skins needs.  Works great to reduce acne scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and smoothing rough/textured skin.  You must be using approved at home products for at least 1 week before beginning the series.  The series is best done during late Fall and Winter months as you will want to avoid sun exposure.  You may experience mild flaking of your skin around 3-7 days after each facial.  Treatments are typically done once a week for 3 weeks then every other week for the last 3 treatments.
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